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Year // 2006 – 2013 Since the birth of the Fefe project, I have worked alongside the Creative Director and founder Luigi Vernieri, taking an active role in the creation and development of all the initiatives linked to the project. I have been responsible of all the editorial aspects of Fefe visual magazine, a conteporary art magazine available all over the world. Apart from the development of several artworks for the magazine, I have been responsible for 7 years for its layout. I have contributed to the organization of several events, such as international festivals, conferences and official presentations, creating several initiatives of Urban and Street art and collaborating with artists from all over the world ((C215, Space Invaders, Sten&Lex, Moby, etc.). By participating to the organization of festival on independent publishing and visual magazines, I got in contact with experts coming from very different publishing backgrounds. Within Fefe creative world, I have taken up the role of art director and graphic designer also in the creation and development of publishing and advertising projects for several different brands, such as Nike, Vista Eyewear, Hush. Fin dalla nascita del progetto ho affiancato il direttore creativo e fondatore Luigi Vernieri, partecipando in maniera attiva all'ideazione e allo sviluppo, oltre che del collettivo stesso, di tutte le iniziative ed i progetti che da esso sono derivati.
 Ho curato l'intero progetto editoriale di Fefè visual magazine, una rivista di arte contemporanea indipendente distribuita in tutto il mondo e veicolo principale del gruppo. Oltre allo sviluppo di molti artwork per il mag, mi sono occupato per 7 anni dell'impaginazione e della produzione tipografica. Ho partecipato all'organizzazione di vari eventi come festival internazionali, rassegne e presentazioni ufficiali, ideando varie iniziative di Urban e Street art e collaborando con artisti di tutto il mondo (C215, Space Invaders, Sten&Lex, Moby...).
 Grazie alla partecipazione all'organizazzione di festival sull'editoria indipendente e sui visual magazine, sono entrato in contatto con molti professionisti provenienti da realtá editoriali di tutto il mondo. All'interno della piattaforma creativa di Fefè Project ho assunto il ruolo di art director e graphic designer anche nell'ideazione e sviluppo di progetti editoriali e pubblicitari per diversi brand (Nike, Vista Eyewear, Hush...).

Rebellion without borders 
With medical crews available 24  hours a day, the organization is able to handle emergencies due to diseases not overcome yet,  like brain fever, cholera, polio, measles and yellow fever.
Medical volunteers operate also in case of natural calamities so that they know very well how important it is to urgently intervene in real time and in the proper way.
They work on emergencies to whom they reply intervening immediately but also leaving concrete signs of their presence, teaching to the local people how to respond to the constant need of hygiene and treatments.
Punk is not deat
Personal Artwork for department
Rebel nature
Here is a worryingly example of daily rebellion led by nature. Water has a leading role because it is constantly invading the lowline land. It happens in venice, where the risk of flash flood (like the unforgettable one on november the 4th, 1966) has grown up to every 140 years instead of 1000. Moreover every 40 years there is a remarkable rise of sea level
The risk of a natural calamity becomes real and predictable. What we still do not know is how exactly it will happen. It is mandatory now to find a way to preserve the city and defend it from the steady attack of rebel waters.
Shrimp is the generic name of several eatables crustaceans. It has a long abdomen at the end of wich the tail is placed. The tail allows the animal to walk back rapidly. Tiger Shrimps can be distinguished by smaller shrimps according to their dimension (from 20 to 7cm). Sea shrimps are divided into while (light red) and red (who live in deeper water).
txet eht daeR ;)
122 years old
Jeanne-Louise calment lived 122 years and 164 days. She said sarcastically about herself: “i’ve only got one wrinkle and i’m sitting on it”. She was born on 21 february in 1875 and died on 4 august in 1997 in arles, the same city as Vincent Van Gogh. The French grandmother set another record playing in the film “Vincent and me”: she was 114 and became the oldest person to appear in a movie. She loved wine, was an expert fencer until 85 years of age, at 100 a good cyclist and a passionate smoker till 117 years old. Her secret? 
“I took pleasure when i could. I acted clearly and morally and without regret”.
14 hours
Lsd was discovered in 1938 by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, It was used by psychiatrists and psychologists in the cure of schizophrenia and aslo by the secret services for mental control.
Lsd is one of the most powerful hallucinogens know. It may cause high visual effects, alteration of senses, feeling and memories for a period that varies from 6 to 14 hours.
Brain Drain
Indicates the emigration of talented and highly specialized individuals. 
It deals with a “human capital flight” due to the lack of recognized economic and ethic contract conditions. Every year 3000 Italian researchers emigrate abroad. The numbers increase if artists, freelancers and adventurers of various professional environments are calculated. But we can use another term: circulation of minds. Academic classes have been highly globalized since the days of dutch gerhard gerhardson who studied in France, Great Britain and Italy, in the XV century. His latin name: Erasmo Da Rotterdam. 
The revenge of the tomato
The tomato was considered an uneatable ornament plant until the beginning of the XIX century. Originating in Chile and Ecuador it was brought to Europe by Spanish conquerors who considered it disgusting. In 600 in France it was regarded as a gift for the ladies,who used it to beautify their balconies. The taboo officially ended in 1802 when the painter Michele Felice Corne, in Salem (Massachussets), pushed himself to eat a tomato in public. Two centuries later the tomato is a key nutriment of the mediterranean diet. In Italy its consumption per capita is approximately 70 kg per year. 
photo by Peppe Tortora
The Corviale family
The Corviale is a building of 1202 lodgings situated on “via Portuense” in Rome. Renamed “the big serpent” because of its length (that stretches a kilometre), it was designed by architect Mario Fiorentino in 1970 to create a self-sufficient neighbourhood building. The first apartments were assigned in 1982, but immediately afterwards 700 lodgings were occupied illegally, destroying the plans of its creator. After years of degradation, we see the rebirth of the Corviale. Nowadays it contains several services including an art gallery, a library, a school, a centre for the elderly and a tv-network.
Team work
It's small and meek, never alone: it operates as part of a group, and this fact, despite its aspect, makes it strong. The ant is a social insect, whit grat organizational capacities. it lives in colonies headed by queen, wich are responsable for reproduction and fecoundation. but also for the acquisition of new territory.
The state of art
Temporary, interim workers or, at best, ready to exploit the new deregulations. In the western world the era of the worker with a permanent job, with a sure job, is ending. The economist Jeremy Rifkin has written about it in his essay “End of work” in which he imagined a world where technology contributed to this eclipse. Today, observing this phenomena from a different point of view, we can say that we are emancipating ourselves from work slavery. Why should this instill fear in us? What if we allowed ourselves to discover the beauty of liberated from work instead, while remoulding our existence?
Deep Red
How to sink an old and illustrious bank and live happily. This is Nick Leeson’s story, a barings bank trader, hired in 1990 to carry out financial operations in the Singapore market.  To maximize profits leeson carried out unauthorized operations that lead to losses totalling 200 million pounds. Everything was carefully hidden in a secret account. An inveterate gambler, leeson continued to bet, making the barings deficit rise to 827 million pounds. I’m sorry, he wrote before exiting the scene. Today he is a successful writer who dispenses advice through his books.
Trash will bury us
Buried by trash, in the era of unlimited hyper consumption, in which everything produced is then disposed at supersonic velocity, the uneding list of material goods that man consumes is metaphorically transorming itself into a giant boomerang. Concretely a growing mountain, day after day, threatens to shorten the planet's life.
Wideband love
Solitary and voyeuristic sex. Fast as an adsl connection. With a computer instead of a partner. And a screen that transmits highly erotic images, but not limited to that. Because cybersex foresees the possibility of interacting with the hypothetical universe that exists behind the monitor. In the chat rooms that allow racy meetings on line. Or through a webcam and its live images that make it all more realistic and, therefore, more exciting. A recent research on cybersex, by swinbourne university in melbourne, came to a downbeat conclusion: cybersex is bad. It leads to depression and those involved become asocial. Instead what if it helped those who feel lonely?
Wideband love
Solitary and voyeuristic sex. Fast as an adsl connection. With a computer instead of a partner. And a screen that transmits highly erotic images, but not limited to that. Because cybersex foresees the possibility of interacting with the hypothetical universe that exists behind the monitor. In the chat rooms that allow racy meetings on line. Or through a webcam and its live images that make it all more realistic and, therefore, more exciting. A recent research on cybersex, by Swinbourne University in Melbourne, came to a downbeat conclusion: cybersex is bad. It leads to depression and those involved become asocial. Instead what if it helped those who feel lonely?
School for seducers
P.U.A, an acronym for pick-up artist.
Specialists in the art of the pick-up, committed to training new casanova s. The p.U.A. Training is a real school, better yet a network with different locations throughout Europe where one can learn the art of seduction at the hand of real professionals capable of teaching the rules of attraction: from the tone of voice to the right look, from the right pick up line to the magnetic glance, including a tryout simulatio n in the streets.
Main goals: gaining enough self-esteem to conquer a woman, and may be even fall for her. Or on a more practical note dedicati ng oneslf with profit to the “ta ste and flee” pick-up.
Serial hatred
Homicides without a clear motive, against not known individuals, triggered by sexually motivated compulsions. Simply put, this could be the identikit of a serial killer. Term coined during the seventies by  F.B.I. agent Robert Ressler, to indicate a killer that leaves in his/her wakes a series of homicides. Modern criminology’s  official definition goes back to 1992 and reads: “a serial killer is an individual who commits three or more homicides in three or more distinct locations,  broken up by a so called cooling down period”. From these descriptions a serial killer can be compared 
To a hunter seeking game, one that reverses on his/her victims all of his/her rage at not being accepted. Primarily a phenomena in the us, the homeland of the first striking cases: Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Dean Corll.
photo by Daniele Marsella
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About Fefè Visual Magazine:
It is italian but it speaks english fluently, it lives in rome but you can find it in Europe and America. It is a project based on the idea of being fed by the creativity of its guests: 25 graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and creators of every kind of image. We ask our guests to interpret the leading theme of the magazine: a dialogue from a movie suggested as a “brief”. The creativity and the desire of personal experimentation of our 25 “free entry” artists will offer a platform in which different emotional and stylistic interpretations will be analyzed. Each time also a child takes part in it, following the same rules. In the first section, it will be possible to read news about the leading theme, re-designed by the fefè department and composed by “entry and exit” collaborators, who will be always faithful to our community.
Cos’è Fefè Project:
è la piattaforma generativa di un sistema culturale centrato sulla “visual culture”. Ideato nel 2007 dal direttore Luigi Vernieri, FEFÈ PROJECT è una base creativa che fino ad oggi ha dato vita ad un magazine per il mercato mondiale (Fefè visual magazine), due festival internazionali (Viedram e Belvedere), una collana di guide inusuali (Mad In), una serie di concept ad hoc (Fefè +), diversi progetti e format di eventi di urban art (Orizzonte Verticale, All you need is wall, Wallpaper project), una web radio (Radio Fefè) e decine di appuntamenti e progetti speciali. Nell’arco della sua attività multidisciplinare FEFÈ PROJECT ha sviluppato e realizzato attività di formazione e comunicazione per l’Istituto Europeo di Design ed ha collaborato con diversi brand come Nike e Vista Eyewear.Ponendo alla base delle sue ricerche e della sua produzione le infinite potenzialità espressive dei linguaggi visivi, FEFÈ PROJECT sviluppa percorsi di comunicazione che vanno dalla tradizionale carta stampata fino alle nuove tecnologie digitali, dando vita a progetti e prodotti contraddistinti da una spiccata originalità, una forte innovazione culturale e da una raffinata ricerca estetica.Dunque una vera e propria finestra da cui affacciarsi per conoscere e monitorare le novità più interessanti ed i talenti più promettenti nel campo della comunicazione visiva nazionale ed internazionale. Il valore aggiunto del FEFÈ PROJECT risiede nella capacità di non limitarsi ad offrire una semplice visione ma nello stimolare i creativi favorendo la contaminazione degli immaginari e la produzione di un patrimonio culturale cross-mediale.La piattaforma ideativa FEFÈ seleziona addetti ai lavori di notorietà internazionale e permette ad artisti, grafici, fotografi, esperti provenienti da vari settori, art director, imprese e organizzazioni di incontrarsi e lavorare insieme. Agendo come catalizzatore delle emergenze artistiche commissiona opere originali ispirate ai temi delle pubblicazioni o ai format degli eventi e dei progetti che mette in campo dando vita, ogni volta, ad una ibridazione dei linguaggi e delle tecniche espressive.È quindi dall’esperienza costruita negli anni nel campo della visual culture e della comunicazione visiva che FEFÈ PROJECT sviluppa le proprie idee e contemporaneamente si pone come un polo dialettico all’avanguardia per partner nazionali ed internazionali nella produzione e ideazione di progetti che esaltano la forza espressiva del connubio immagine - media.

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